Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Romney Wins. The President is Sunk.

Romney wins in Arizona and Michigan.  He will eventually win the nomination and, in the general election all wings of the Republican Party will vote for him, plus a majority of the independents.  He will thereby win the Presidency.

This article on the front page of the Herald this morning grudgingly announces Romney's wins yesterday.  The article comes from the pen of Steven Thomma, a reporter for the left-wing McClatchy newspaper chain.  McClatchy bought the Herald a few years ago, and they are the people who recently sold the Herald's prime, down-town bayfront land to a huge Hong Kong gambling corporation, for Pete's sake.


Sean Meade said...

Wow! what a prediction.

i predict if Romney wins the nomination, and nothing catastrophic happen (like an intern scandal), that Obama will win again.

so we will see, my friend :-)

Paul Stokes said...

Your prediction could happen! (I have the delete button available on this post.) But I think you've been listening to too much NPR. :)

Sean Meade said...

lol. i don't listen to NPR at all any more. i don't have a commute and Christine vetoed listening to any radio as a wake up alarm :-)