Thursday, January 18, 2007

[bumped] Final Update of the Day 10:40 pm CST: (Macon)
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What fun! We're tired now. Time for Macon to pull open the fold-away, Honor to go to the nursery, and Kellsey to flatten out the Craftmatic2 Adjustable Bed. See you tomorrow.

Update 3:55 CST: (Macon) Honor's first video.

Update 1:45 CST: (Macon) as Lindsay notes, Honor 18.5 inches long is the official measurement. :-) 7lb 9oz.

Here are the morning events, in pictures.

Unlike Aidan, Honor didn't give her daddy a head-fake and make him stand up too early.

Beautiful Girls!

also: Our hospital has free wi-fi. So awesome! I love technology.

Further update from Paul at 1028 EST (0928 CST): 18 inches long. Macon said "Shorter and chubbier", comparing her to Aidan. We spoke to him from Kellsey's room - Honor was getting cleaned up and Kellsey just ready to leave the recovery room. Doug was with Macon. Macon rang off as Kellsey was being brought back in. Stay tuned!

Update from Paul at 0922 EST (0822 CST): Carol just called me and had just spoken with Macon. Honor is here and everyone is well! She weighs in at 7 pounds, 9 ounces.

4:30 AM CST, (Macon) We're up and on our way to the Hospital!
Keep checking here for updates on Baby Stokes #2.

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