Monday, January 15, 2007

Books I've Read About and Would Like to Read.

(I think having time to read all the books that seem so interesting is exactly the reason that God invented eternity and, therfore, a compelling reason to get saved.)

Cross-X. "The ups and dowsn of the real-life debate team from Kansas City' Central High School". (I'm not kidding. The review in American Way made this seem like a good one.)(All the books that I mention here I read about in the American Way magazine, except for the one Martha mentioned to me yesterday.)

Half of a Yellow Sun. A novel abut 1960s Nigeria.

There is No Me without You: One Woman's Odyssey to Rescue Africa's Children. The story of Haregeqoin Teferra, an Ethiopian woman who, one by one, is saving the lives of children orphaned by AIDS. Written by Melissa Fay Greene.

The Girls: a Novel. A novel by Lori Lansens. (Although I don't know why I would want to read a novel about girls. They are so uninteresting to me, especially the big ones.)

The Last Season. "Author Eric Blehm collected a mountain's worth of infomration during his quest to find out what happend to Randy Morgenson, a backcountry ranger in the Sierra Neveada Mountains who seemingly just disapperaed." I have to list this one to balance the one about girls.

Now They Call Me Infidel. Why I Renounced Jihad for America, and the War on Terror. An educated Egyptian woman who came to the US writes about her journey out of Islam. My friend Martha told me about this one yesterday at church. She heard the author interviewed on NPR and wants to read the book. I hope she gets it and then loans it to me when she finishes.

A Keeper of Bees: Notes on Hive and Home. " . . . a sweet explanation of all things bee."

More later. I have to go to work.

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