Thursday, January 25, 2007

More on Mary, the Dinka Woman. When I was blogging from Kenya, I posted about a visit to the Kijabe Hospital and described meeting Mary, a young woman from the Sudan who was a patient there. My Mary (Mary Stokes) told me that the Mary we met at the hospital is from the Dinka tribe, and so I will refer to the Mary we met as "Mary, the Dinka woman."

I have told the story of meeting Mary, the Dinka woman, to a number of people since Carol and I returned. Many of them were as moved as Carol and I were at this woman's story of faithfulness in the midst of profound terror and persecution. Because I was simply repeating the story as I had heard it second or third hand (I did not hear it directly from Mary, the Dinka woman), I asked my Mary if she would get me more details on the story. She researched the issue and was referred to an article about Mary, the Dinka woman, in a publication of the Christian organization that was involved in her rescue. The organization is Make Way Partners Corporation. The article appears in the organization's June 2006 newsletter, beginning on page six.

As you will read, the story ends before the funds are collected to send Mary, the Dinka woman, to Kijabe Hospital. So we have "the rest of the story", at least in part.

My Mary tells me that Mary, the Dinka woman, has been discharged from Kijabe Hosptial, but she does not know where she has gone. But Mary says she will try to find out, and when she does we will let you know.

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