Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Internet Radio Services. I know. Where have I been? Sorry, but I've been busy. Anyway, on the way to somewhere in December and desperate for something to read (I had just finished the latest Hillerman novel), I picked up the American Way in flight magazine and read an article on Internet Radio Services.

Well of course it isn't radio. My gosh, I know what radio is. But it is a reasonable facsimile, it's mostly free, and there are no commercials. This is, of course, way too much pony. There must be some you-know-what in here somewhere (rhymes with pepsodent, sort of). I haven't found it yet, but you know I am somewhat behind the curve. (For example, in a comment to an earlier post by number one son, birth order speaking, I raised an eyebrow at a $599 cell phone from Apple. 'Way behind the technology curve; I will concede that. But 'way over another curve, a hill-like curve. $599 is a lot of money. My Elecraft cost that much, after all. Plus you don't get to build the iPhone.)

Anyway, for those few of you who don't already know where these Internet Radio Services are, I will give them to you, straight from the American Way magazine of 12/15/2006:

Shoutcast. It's free. On our Apple, I am listening to a classical radio station that specializes in flamenco guitar music. All of this music is streamed. None of it downloaded, so there's no copyright problem.

Pandora. Also free. But if you pay something each year, it is free of ads. I don't know how annoying the ads are, because I haven't sampled it yet.

Orb. Somehow you load in your own collection and can listen to songs from that collection when you are on the road. It's free.

Mercora. "The two-year old music-sharing service lets people download a small software application to transform their PCs into servers for personal radio stations; stations broadcast only when the PC is on. DJs can create personal web pages where fans can leave messages for them or add them as friends." Well, that's cool.

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