Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Programming Idea of the Century . . . or Maybe the Afternoon. On Wednesdays we have our partners' lunches at a local restaurant. It is great fun when one of us is gone, which gives the three of us remaining the opportunity to discuss the absent member of our eminent firm. And Jane is gone this week (at a CLE event we should all be attending - she's so good, Jane is), so the lunch had a lot of potential.

Anyway, we actually didn't get to Jane, speaking of missed opportunities, mainly because we have a new associate, Kimberly, and she is young, new, eager, good looking, much too bright, really a great target to discuss. So we talked about her for awhile.

Then we got to an important subject: sending emails to the wrong person or sending emails to the right person, but sending an email you should not have sent to that person and that, about 10 seconds later, you deeply, deeply regret.

We came up with two possible solutions, other than paying attention or otherwise using your head when you are in email mode.

1. Have something pop-up when you hit the "send" key that says "do you really want to send this, you turkey?" These kinds of things are always popping up when I want to delete something or when I want to go somewhere strange on the internet. Why not something that will protect me when I'm in e-mail mode?

2. Have all your ourgoing emails held in a sort quarantine until the end of the day. At the end of the day, you get a chance to revisit them one more time before sending them out.

I'm worried that Google will read this and snap this idea up. But if not, I lay this all out for you in the community. Send me an iPhone when you strike it rich.

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