Saturday, January 13, 2007

"Brothers": The name of a film from Denmark that Carol and I viewed last night. Shot on high-definition video, it was a Sundance Film Festival award winner, I think in 2005. I would call it a sort of modern Jacob-Esau story, and would recomment it highly. I thought of linking to some reviews, but I suggest that you view it without any idea of what will happen, which is the way we saw it. I will share one aspect, though, and that is its presentation of how civilized are the Danes. I have had two Danish clients in my career, both beautiful women. The actress in this film, who plays a wife and mother, is stunningly beautiful. (Connie Nielsen, who played Lucilla in Gladiator.) Watching this movie made me sad to contemplate what is happening in Europe with the rise of Islam there. Interestingly, the "clash of civilizations" is an element in the plot too.

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