Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Nick, God or Baal? Nick chooses Baal. What a sad example to the college athletes he is now going to mentor.

UPDATE: Here is a strongly negative opinion of Coach Saban.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Wow, the vitriol directed to Saban from down here is as corrosive as can be! I'm surprised my car radio hasn't melted from the sportstalk-show hysteria, not to mention the continuing spew coming from the Miami Herald. Anyway, here's another still negative view of Saban's departure from a sportswriter not from Miami.

My impression at this point is that Saban simply wasn't the man for the job, and that he yielded to the gold and Huizinga's salesmanship when he decided to come down to South Florida. And regretted it about three days after arriving. At which point he should have packed it up and left, but didn't. For a college coach, pro football coaching is simply another world, requiring a far tougher breed to succeed. Saban does not belong to that breed. Not even close.

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