Sunday, March 11, 2007

Anyone See "300" this Weekend?

A lot of people must have seen it, given the estimated box office take so far. I'm a little hesitant, given that the Sin City crowd made it. Sin City is the only movie in recent times I simply could not see to the end. What, then, did they do to the story behind Gates of Fire. (I did read the graphic novel at Macon's house - it wasn't half bad, although Leonitis seemed a bit crazed: definitely the type you want fighting on your side, however.)

Carol is going to a women's Bible study Tuesday night (aka "Circle"). I thought it would be a sort of ironic balancing strategy for a boys' night out at the flick, watching a movie about Western Civilization getting saved. But who has seen it in the community, and what do you think?


Sean Meade said...

dear Paul,

1. let me quibble a little to encourage you: really the only common member of those teams is the author, Frank Miller. the 300 team is completely different, but both are done in the same style, ie high fidelity to the original work. so, since the Sin City books are exactly like the movie (and i didn't see Sin City, therefore), we can hope the 300 movie will be almost exactly like the book.

2. i didn't get to see it yet, but here are some reviews:

Sean Meade said...

oops. bad code:

some reviews

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the correction, Sean. I thought I was probably getting a little hyperbolic with the "Sin City crowd" reference. I am interested in what your opinions will be on the movie - including whether you think that there are military-political implications of the film, regardless of what the producers may have intended.