Thursday, March 08, 2007


From The Gutenberg Galaxy - Marshall McLuhan
"'(quoted)....Thus heat, weight, lengths, and many other things that in ordinary life are apprehended through senses other than vision have become for science matters of visual awareness of the positions of mechanical pointers.' Does this not imply that if we can devise a consistent means of translating all aspects of our world into the language of one sense only, we shall then have a distortion that is scientific because consistent and coherent? Blake thought this had actually occurred in the eighteenth century when he sought liberation 'from single vision and Newton's sleep.' For the dominance of one sense is the formula for hypnosis. And a culture can be locked in the sleep of any one sense. The sleeper awakes when challenged in any other sense."

How insightful - I'll disregard my hearing but respond to music based on a review that I've read. Disregard my feeling but respond to an advertisement for drugs that I've seen. Disregard my judgement but respond to propaganda that I've watched.

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