Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Where is God?

So, a few nights ago as Aidan and I were saying prayers at bedtime, the following conversation took place:

Aidan: Where is God?
Kellsey: well, he is everywhere.
Aidan: Where does God live?
Kellsey: God lives in heaven
Aidan: where is God's heaven?
Kellsey: I don't know exactly...

A few nights later....

Aidan: Where does God live in his heaven?
Kellsey: I don't know...but you know how you can't see the wind, but you can feel it on your face and in your hair?
Aidan: Yes
Kellsey: God is like the wind, you can't see him, but he's still there.
Aidan: Ye-es!
Kellsey: So, even though we can't see him, God is always with us
Aidan: yes, and he holds me and helps me to be not sad. (as he said this, he wrapped him arms around himself and sort of hugged himself).

WOW!!! What an amazing thing that God has been teaching Aidan. I was so surprised to hear Aidan articulate this and so touched. I even asked his preschool teacher if they had been talking about this at preschool. She said that they talked about how God loves us all the time but that they never introduced the ideas of God being with us even though we can't see him and that they never introduced the idea that God holds us and comforts us.

Macon and I have been praying since Aidan was but a tiny embryo that God would communicate with him at each stage of his life--that somehow Aidan would know that God's spirit is with him always and that that would bring him comfort and peace. Praise God that Aidan seems to be sensing this, and seems to know that God can bring him comfort when he is sad.


Anonymous said...

This is so wonderful and beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this!

Paul Stokes said...

I agree with Carol! How young can a child be and still know the Lord? John "leaped" in Elizabeth's womb when Mary, herself pregnant with Jesus, entered her home. Luke 1:41. The jailer's question to Paul and Silas: "Sirs, what must I do to be saved?" They reply, "Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved - you and your household", perhaps a household with little children in it. Acts 16:30 and 31. And Jesus said, "Let the little chidren come to me, and do not hinder them . . . " Matt. 19:14.

Macon said...

imho, the Lord's Spirit interacts with our Spirit in an ongoing way from our conception to our death.

God, by his Spirit, is quite capable of speaking to us in ways that we can understand him, be they 60+ year old ways, 32 year old ways, 2.5 year old ways, 8 week old ways, or conception + 1 week old ways.

The interaction between ourselves and his Spirit is mysterious and hard to penetrate, though real, and it's not any less mysterious if it happens in vitro, as a toddler, at 13 or at 70 years old.

At every age, we are called to respond to the Lord in Faith, Hope and Love. These responses (correct & incorrect) look different at each age and are age appropriate.

so, that's what I think.

Lindsay said...

What a great story, Kells!

sweetpea said...

how precious. sounds like a covenant child to me. :)

Scott said...

Very cool. Interactions such as Aidan's help offset some of the sleepless nights.

Of course, my first, sarcastic response is: "That's great, but Anna Scott can quote the 10 commandments."

Anonymous said...

Anna will make a great Presbyterian!