Wednesday, March 28, 2007

So, How's the Renovation Going?

Two a/c guys show up at our house this morning, unannounced. I just happen still to be there, which is good because Carol is in the shower.

They are there to put the grill on one of the a/c vents that their people forgot to install. They don't know the size, so these two men, each having arrived in separate trucks, are shown to the new bathroom so they can measure the vent. Then they tell us they will be back with the grill.

They come back. I'm already at the office. Carol calls me. They don't have a drill.

By some miraculous feat of recall, I remember where the drill and the bits are in our disaster of a garage.

So, how are the renovations going?

About the same.


Kellsey said...

how do these guys not have a drill? astounding, really!

Anonymous said...

You must believe me when I say that we have seen a LOT of astounding things so far.