Saturday, March 24, 2007

Oh, Dad!

Yesterday I attended a seminar that dealt in part with Long Term Care Insurance. People who are in their forties and younger are beginning to buy this product. What struck me was one slide that asks the question "What Can & Does Happen to Younger People?". The slide gave the following as examples:



Car Accidents

Skiing Accidents

Among those examples, three younger generation people in my immediate or extended family have already suffered one of those circumstances, although only Audrey, who was diagnosed with MS, is presently disabled, and now only partially. But Walter had a car accident recently and Macon a ski accident. Fortunately, Walter was not injured (although the car was "totaled") and Macon does not appear to be permanently injured.

This matter should give a younger person pause, especially if he or she is a spouse or parent.

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Scott said...

May I add, as one who can no longer do so, to acquire an adequate level of life insurance while you are young, healthy and it is (relatively) cheap.