Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Canon A630 as Video Camera

See this post over at Instapundit about one reporter's use of this still, digital camera to shoot videos. Macon and I each have one of these cameras, and Macon has already posted videos taken with it. I haven't quite figured it out yet, but I want to post a video of Carol's amazing cook top air vent.

UPDATE: I fixed the link. (Thanks, Kellsey.)
UPDATE AGAIN: The A630. (Thanks, Sean.)


Kellsey said...

Hey, Paul, I thought you should know that the link in this post sends the reader to the same link as the previous post you made. In other words, it sends you to the link about male bashing instead of the post about the camera.

Sean Meade said...

that's the A630, right Paul? (you have A360).

i was looking for it on flickr [] and there was no A360 ;-)

Paul Stokes said...

Wow. When will I get this post right? Correct, Sean, the A630.