Sunday, March 25, 2007

At Springs High They Go to Disney World.

Mary has a funny post about how an RVA student flushed out a false Maasai. ("False Maasai" - get it?).

In her March newsletter, she describes further the "interim trip" that senior and junior boys took to visit the Dorobo people

who live in the forests of the Aberdare mountains in central Kenya. Shel Arensen, the father of one of my students, has a ministry to this secluded group (it is estimated that only 1% of the Dorobo are Christian). Under the leadership of Mr. Arensen, this particular interim was limited to the boys - as it featured minimal to no clothing, hunting with spears, gathering honey, and other manly pursuits, in addition to Bible study and fellowship with the Dorobo men.

What sort of men will these RVA boys turn out to be, with such leadership and experiences, all with the Bible as the primary reference book? What wonderful thing is God doing here, with them and people like the Dorobo? (That second question is merely rhetorical. We know what he's doing, of course.)

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