Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Two Cousins and a Grandfather; Mornings with Addie

This is an email from one of Mary's colleagues at RVA.

Two Cousins and a Grandfather; Mornings with Addie

February 26, 2007

When I walk Ben and Kate to school, we frequently have Addie walk with us. Addie likes to talk to me, and I always look forward to it, because anything goes. The other day she was quite animated:

Addie: This morning when I got up to go potty, I went and went so long I thought I would have to be there ALL DAY.

Me: (With the alarm born of 5 year old twins when they talk of going to the bathroom and imaging having to run for a toilet) Why are you telling me this Addie?

Addie: (Gives me a look that wonders why anyone wouldn't WANT to know her personal habits.)

Friday we were walking and she warmly hugged me and told me:

Addie: I love walking with you and Ben and Katie.

Me: We love walking with you Addie.

Addie: I love it because it reminds me of walking with my cousins and my Grandfather.

And it had started as such a NICE day.

Fortunately, I could take comfort that I was raising the twins RIGHT.

(Katie and Ben and their favorite team)

(My favorite picture in the world)

I've written about it before, but one of my favorite traditions at RVA is the Senior Banquet. The juniors write the play, construct the sets and cook and serve the food to honor the seniors. Last year was exhausting and exciting; this year all JT had to do was pick up his date and enjoy the evening.

The guys pick up the girls at the dorm, and they walk across the campus. JT was pretty relaxed this year, but Nancy told me that when Erin walked out, he just shook his head and said `Wow.' When they got closer to where the dinner was to be held, it looked like this:

There were lanterns that lit the path for the last few hundred yards, and the whole campus stood in line to cheer each couple as their names were announced. It is such a wonderful alternative to limos and all the excesses that seem to go with big events in the states.

(JT and Erin)

The rains have let up, so we have been able to go to the valley more often. There was so much good news this week that it filled a part of me that had been so dry. One of the schools, which had been rated the lowest in its zone, had increased to the named the best school of the year.

(The trophies for being the most highly rated school)

The kids were going after it so hard, and it is amazing the progress they are making. One of the problems with the Kenyan educational system is that it elevates rote memorization above anything else.

So it was so heartening to run over to Kenton and meet Gerald and Grace, the top students at the computer center there. I asked Grace what her favorite part of computer class was, and she had a wonderful answer.

`I like computers because they make me think.'

(Grace and Gerald)

There was a church group from Texas visiting, and I instructed the children to say `We love Texas the most!' I also tried to teach them to feel sorry for people loudly who aren't from Texas, but for some strange reason, they didn't believe me.

You see so much sad stuff in Africa. Sometimes, it just is good to remember that if you plant good seed, sometimes good stuff comes up.

Your pal

Steve and Nancy Peifer

Rift Valley Academy

Website: http://peifer.kijabe.org/index.html?intro.html&1

Foundation: http://www.solutionbeaconfoundation.org/programs.htm

Webcam: http://www.kijabe.org/longocam/

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